Virginia Williams | Stanford CS

– Algorithms for shortest paths, pattern detection and other computational problems in graphs and matrices
– Reducing fundamental computational problems to one another
– Studying how much graph distance information can be compressed
– Computational issues in social choice

Monica Lam | Stanford CS

– Mobile computing
– Decentralized social networks
– Programming and computing systems

Ada Poon | Stanford EE

– Integrated Biomedical Systems
– Theoretical foundations and engineering platforms for realizing electronics that seamlessly integrate with the body
– Precise recording or modulation of physiological activity
– Vertical integration of diverse fields ranging from physics, wireless technologies, low-power integrated circuits, and biological interfaces

Rikky Muller | Berkeley EE

– Integrated Circuits
– Biosystems and Computational Biology
– Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems

Tsu-Jae King Liu | Berkeley EE

– Nanometer-scale semiconductor devices and technology
– Novel non-volatile memory devices and technology- M/NEMS technology for ultra-low-power integrated circuit

Alexandra von Meier | Berkeley EE

– Energy
– Electric Grids
– Power Distribution

Industry Professionals

Nandita Dukkipati | Stanford EE’07, Google

– High-Performance Networking
– Software Systems

Anya Petrovskaya | Stanford CS’11,¬†Eonite Inc.

– Robotic Manipulation Group
– Stanford Racing Team
– STAIR: STanford AI Robot project

Maria Kazandijieva | Stanford CS’13, Netflix

– SING: wireless networking and systems
– Sensor networks and green computing

Pi-Chuan Chang | Stanford CS, AltSchool/LinkedIn/Google

– Natural Language Processing
– Machine Learning

Anh Truong | Stanford CS’14, Adobe Research

– Computer Graphics
– Human Computer Interaction
– Interactive tools: drone cinematography, video-editing